Hand Operated Crusher

Hand Operated Crusher

If you can not do one handed push-ups or one handed pull-ups, why crush rock with only one hand? Use both hands to double the work capacity and cut the labor in half! Please read the "Cautions", "Specs" and "Note" below before ordering.)

Ever wonder how many outcrops you walked past or around when out in the field or on your way to pan in a river? The gold in those rivers CAME from those outcrops and could hold the next "Motherlode" of ore! Without sampling and testing, you will never know! Some rock samples just beg to be crushed and panned! And Silver Ores? a fortune just waiting to be found and most economists say Silver is WAY under valued, and it is.

The Crazycrusher™, a trusted piece of equipment to do your sampling in the field, in the lab, your basement or driveway.. The Crazycrusher™ has a 56 point bullet proof Patent, Trusted the world over for its reliability and durability because it is a 35 pound muscle of steel. It is built to last, and our only customers who ever bought more than one in all the years were companies who did not want to chance cross contamination of materials being crushed in their science labs. They are tough. We had one fall off a truck at 50 mph on a gravel road. The box disintegrated, the crusher had a lot of paint chips, and the only damage was one leg twisted at 90 degrees, and it STILL worked!

Built by Goldquest, LLC., we have built and shipped over 600 units to over 25 countries, and some of our customers are multi-national corporations and institutions, universities, mining and metals companies and many more. In all, we have only had 2 returns that were actually used and found that it did not work for the materials they wanted to crush. Our rule of thumb, if it shatters with a hammer, the Crazycrusher™ will break it down and grind it. You only need to screen and classify it.

The Crazycrusher™ , with its long 23 inch arms give it the best fulcrum leverage and Pounds per Square inch pressure to break up even the hardest rock using both hands to supply more force! Many find is easy to use depending on the materials. We have had so many uses over the years for the Crazycrusher™, and is only left to the imagination.

You can purchase with or without the optional 2 inch hitch mount to fit on the back of a vehicle for convenience of use in the field. (Look for the other sale) The Hitch mount is also included in our Patent.

The Crazycrusher™ is purposely designed where there is nothing you have to buy continuously from the supplier. Although it is designed to last for years, daily use provides wear. It is designed to quickly take it apart and build up on the wear of the jaws with regular welding, (rod or wire) or use hard face welds for even longer lasting. The jaws currently have hard face beads running across the width of the jaws.


(Although designed to crush rock for testing, people find other uses)

People use it to do assay work as a side line for added income, Mining companies use it to test for values, and grind up core samples, Crushing glass for small smelting operations, Professional Geologists in the field, Crush black sands to assay, Pavers use it to sample their concrete and blacktop, Gardeners use it to crush down organic charcoal or rock for gardening, Artisans use it to easily crush glass to make their frit glass, Artisans crush down their glass fused jewelry to retrieve the gold back out on the flawed art pieces, Artisans use it to crush down colored rock to make pigments for their high end art paints, Mining and Geology classes from Grade school to Universities use it as an educational tool, We have had government purchases, which I can’t elaborate on their use, Small batches of ceramic CPU chips to recycle precious metals, And many more uses!


Goat pellets.. FAILED! Too soft, and would not crush them down. Returned.

Plastics.. FAILED! Too soft, and would not crush down. Returned

Two others were returned and not even opened. One was due to emergency health problems. The other was from an unauthorized ordering from a department.

We like it when people ask questions first, because our unsung policy is that “We would rather lose a sale than gain an unhappy customer” ™, and that has always worked well for us! We always accept samples to test the “crush-ability” of the materials.

We never beg for feedback, our lack of returns says it all! Unsolicited feedback gives us a 5 out of 5 star rating wherever posted.


1: In a video showing how easy it is to crush glass, you can actually see “Glass dust” floating in the air, and do you really want to inhale that? Also, there is dust from rocks, AND you never know what is in a rock. There can be many elements in a rock, and many are highly Toxic! Like Cinnabar, Arsenic, Asbestos, Antimony, , etc, and yes, they can be airborne when crushing with the Crazycrusher™. There can also be traces of “droppings” on a rock that can contain nasty things like the Hantavirus.

2: The Crazycrusher™ is not meant to be a production unit. Some things you can feed through very fast, like decomposing quartz that breaks readily, Granites crush fairly easy as well, but some things like very dense hard rock takes a good “snap” to get that first crush. It does not work by itself, but keep in mind, it can take a bit of muscle at times, better two hands than one!


  • Height:13"
  • Width:(at Handles) 18"
  • Length:(w/arms and handle) 27"
  • Footprint: 6" x 11-1/2"
  • Net Weight: 35lbs.small rock crusher
  • Shipping Wt. 38lbs, (48with hitchmound and kit.)
  • Upper Jaw Opening: 1-1/4" x 4"
  • Lower jaw Adjustable:4"x 5/8" to 4" x 0"
  • 1/2” bolts are Grade 5

Included is a plastic catch container, instructional information. When ordering the optional 2 inch hitch mount, instructions, mounting hardware and hitch pin is included.

NOTE: If you plan to use the Crazycrusher for anything other than the above uses and above materials, please contact us first, to ascertain if it will be suitable for that use. We would rather lose a sale than gain an unhappy customer. Minor assembly required. Shipped with arms removed.


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