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International Shipping Rates

All International shipping (including fees to Alaska and Hawaii)
are discounted from the actual fees we pay to ship to you.

All prices are in USD and current as of June 1, 2017

(All prices are subject to change, depending on fees charged
by either postal services).

Alaska and Hawaii $73

Canada and Mexico $103

Finland, Norway, Sweden $110

Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland $110

United Kingdom, N.Ireland
Scotland $132

Netherlands $110

Japan $125

Brazil $145

Peru $115

Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand $195

Germany $103

France $111

Italy $103

Greece $115

Cyprus $167

Bermuda $135

Costa Rica $136

Spain $117

Singapore $122

Venezuela $137

If you need shipments to a country other than listed above, please contact us for correct shipping surcharge prior to placing an order.

All international shipments are via United States Post Office Priority International, insured and delivered to your door, office of place of business by your local postal carrier.

We do not "discount" the value on the import/export paperwork. Your paperwork will reflect the exact purchase price (excluding shipping fees). Should a shipment get lost, stolen or otherwise damaged, we will only be able to collect what we "insure" the package for, and we would be out of a lot of money.